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    Freedom Fellowship is the HOME Church of Formerly Jacob!!!


    We are a ministry that believes in God and Country, thus you see a combination of the CROSS and the AMERICAN FLAG in our logo. We want to send you a warm invitation to experience worship with us. We are non-denominational and practice three guiding principles, FAITH……FAMILY…..and FREEDOM!


    We believe that Jesus is the ONLY hope for our Nation, the Church, our Families, and our Lives! It is our desire to build a progressive ministry that holds on to conservative values and seeks to be BIBLICALLY CORRECT rather than POLITICALLY CORRECT. If you are searching for something dynamic and a little different, come see us. We are the perfect church for people who aren’t. 

    - Pastor Melvin and Lili Whittington

To watch the weekly services and broadcasts, or to learn more and support this church's ministry, please visit them at: 


Pastor Paul Begley

    Pastor Paul’s gifting lies in evangelizing and Bible prophecy. By the grace of God, thousands have come to Jesus Christ through this ministry.

    Pastor Paul caught the world's attention with the revelation of the Hosea Prophecy and Texas Blood Lake; which has been featured in Time magazine, CNN and many mainstream networks and magazines. 

As an evangelist, Paul holds revivals across America and internationally. Paul has held crusades as far away as Orissa, India.

    His prophecy ministry has gone across the globe. His YouTube channel has gathered close to 400,000 subscribers, he is a regular guest on the Jim Bakker broadcasts, he is the co-pastor at Freedom Fellowship Church of The Villages which broadcasts to 100+ countries. There are many more aspects to his ministry and outreach covered on his website.


    To learn more about Pastor Paul Begley, or to subscribe to his YouTube channel, please select a link below: 

    Aliyah Return Center (ARC) is an Israel-based registered nonprofit organization, helping Jewish new immigrants establish roots in the land of Israel and thrive. A ministry built on a foundation of love in uncompromising faith with a vision to eradicate anti-Semitism by building bridges and encouraging Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God’s plans for Israel and the nations through Education, Innovation, Infrastructural Development, Aliyah aid.

    ARC mobilizes the church to embrace God’s call to serve His people and stand as ambassadors/advocates for Israel and the Jewish people through various initiatives such as their Ambassador Academy, Internships, Volunteering, Joint Torah Studies, and various worship events.


    CoFounder and Chairman of the board of directors at the charity, Aliyah Return Center (ARC), registered in Israel as a 501(c)(3). Chaim (HIGH-EM) Malespin is a passionate visionary who strives to educate Christians and lovers of Israel from around the world about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.

    With a vision to eradicate anti-Semitism by building bridges and encouraging Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God’s plans for Israel and the nations, Chaim and the ARC ministry focus on education, infrastructural development, innovation and Aliyah.

    A program is underway to serve the public through educational efforts concerning a First Amendment right and religious freedom issue. This is to bring a state certified Bible course (elective) into the public high schools nationwide.


    The curriculum for the program shows a concern to convey the content of the Bible as compared to literature and history. The program is concerned with education rather than indoctrination of students. The central approach of the class is simply to study the Bible as a foundation document of society, and that approach is altogether appropriate in a comprehensive program of secular education.

    The world is watching to see if we will be motivated to impact our culture, to deal with the moral crises in our society, and reclaim our families and children. Please help us to restore our religious and civil liberties in this nation.


Dr. Alveda King


    We work to strengthen marriage, family, and reduce the high rate of abortions that plague our society today. We work with Heartbeat International, Care Net, Priests for Life and other organizations to maximize strategies to help those in need. Also, working with African American pro-life and pro-family leaders to maximize the education of our communities as to the problems and solutions to the abortion and family current family crisis. The dynamics and definitions of love as opposed to sexuality are also explored, with a strong emphasis on abstinence until marriage.

    To learn more about all the missions Dr. Alveda King is involved with, please visit her website at:

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Pastor Larry Ragland

    Larry Ragland has over 30 years’ experience in local church ministry. Alongside his wife Sandy and their two daughters, he founded Solid Rock in Birmingham, Alabama. Together they have pastored the same church for 30 years. He has preached the Gospel in several states and many countries. Larry is reaching the world through his books, online videos, podcasts, and digital courses. Larry’s YouTube Channel (The Big Picture) is waking up a generation to all that is going on in our world through his weekly LIVE BREAKING NEWS show, weekly Bible Study, and other subjects. In 1996 he founded Ambassadors Bible College, that has equipped and credentialed church planters, pastors, and missionaries around the world. Larry is also the Founder and Director of Ambassadors Network (a network of local churches, pastors, missionaries, and leaders). His passion is to lead leaders and equip this generation to be a voice of influence on our culture and world.


    Viable is a ministry project for the live stage. In 70 minutes, with three actors and two chairs, an unforgettable tale will unfold before you, a tale of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame. As only God can, He restores the wages of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame through grace, unmitigated mercy, and forgiveness. He puts condemnation aside in favor of comfort and compassion for a woman who has lost her child to abortion and paid a terrible emotional price.

    The Viable storyline captures an unforgettable confrontation as an aborted child visits her mother nearly 30 years later. The mother has carried guilt and grief for all that time, trying all the while to protect her emotional stability by professing the mantras that abortion providers originally used to comfort her.  Despite her best efforts, the mother has always secretly questioned the pro-abortion stance she clung to so desperately to justify her decision.


    Forgiven and restored, the mother vows to share both her long-held secret and her newly-found spiritual freedom with her living daughter, who is considering an abortion. As highly controversial and electrically charged a social issue as abortion is, Viable follows a journey of forgiveness, renewal, and hope through the eyes of one woman who carried a burden of despair.

    To view the Full-Length play, recorded live, please visit the home page at:

    Groups and organizations can schedule a live performance or streaming video online for fundraisers or other special events. 

    Writer/Producer John Hoover, can be reached at or by calling (615) 268-3507.

live action.webp

    Live Action exists today to shift public opinion on the killing of preborn children and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, we reveal the humanity of the preborn and expose the abortion industry exploiting women for profit.


    With the largest and most engaged online following in the pro-life movement, Live Action is leading the transformation to end this grave human rights abuse.

    To learn more about their mission to end abortion and to support the work they are doing, please visit:

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