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About the band

    Formerly Jacob is Christian band, firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the Gospel wherever God leads us. We have a passion to seek out and reach people who are lost, broken or weighed down in life and are searching for purpose in this world. We strive to empower all people with the hope found in the salvation that only Jesus Christ provides through His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection.

    We cross multiple genres with our eclectic music styles. Country, Rock, Contemporary Upbeat Worship, Orchestral… there’s a bit of everything. We are grateful to everyone who supports our ministry and who shares our music far and wide.

    For booking, contact the band at:

    Facebook/Instagram message to:

    Formerly Jacob Official 


Geoffrey Klerekoper

Geoffrey Klerekoper was raised in a Christian home in Washington State. His parents are full-time volunteer missionaries in chaplaincy to our First Responders and Officers. He has been involved in music since a young age and was classically trained as a singer. He has performed for many Christian artists, tours and events. In his mid-twenties, he began speaking at large motivational functions and Christian rallies. He decided to get back into his passion for music and began writing original songs. He and Israel Hall created the band Formerly Jacob and released their debut EP album in July of 2021, which led to God’s call for his family to move across the country to Florida. He is a worship leader with Freedom Fellowship Church of The Villages and is excited to see what God has in store for their music ministry. He is married to his wonderful wife, Kelsey Klerekoper, and they have three children.

Israel Hall

Israel David Hall is a Praise and Worship Pastor with Freedom Fellowship Church of The Villages and Paul Begley Prophecy. While residing in Nashville, Tennessee, he recorded and toured internationally as a saxophonist, guitarist, singer and audio engineer with a Grammy award winning, multi-platinum artist and many other headlining national acts. In 2020, he decided to enter ministry and made the move to Florida. Growing up in the 1980’s, his Mother was a worship leader and his Father an assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Pastor Chuck Smith. He also serves as the Vice President of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools - an organization that has put Bible Curriculum classes as an elective in over 4,000 Schools across the United States. He has been married to his sweetheart from Montana, Kristin Hall, for 15 years. 

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